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Self-Employed Work Permit in Spain

Application, procedures and requirements

What is a residencia temporal por cuenta propia?

This type of authorization if for foreigners who do not live in Spain, but do wish to live and work in Spain.

Foreigners who want to be self-employed in Spain require a residency and work permit. Since the individual is starting a new economic activity on their own, the requirements to request this type of work permit differ from those required when you are working for someone else.

First of all, the individual applying is required to possess the professional qualifications or accredited experience appropriate for the professional activity. In the event that it is an activity where a professional license is compulsory, this will also be required of the applicant.

To setup and operate a lucrative activity, the immigration regulations indicate that the legislative requirements for that activity must be met. As well, the applicant must guarantee that they have sufficient investment to implement it.

What are the requirements to apply for cuenta propia or self-employed work permit?

  • You cannot be a citizen of the European Union
  • You cannot be in Spain ilegally
  • You must show your criminal records
  • You cannot be prohibited from entering Spain
  • You must have the appropriate profesional qualifications
  • You must show enough economic resources

There may be other important requirements that you might need depending on your case, this is why we always advise you to contact a lawyer to assist you.

What documents do I need in order to apply?

Note: please make sure that in addition to the documents, please take copies of all the documents to your appointment in case they are needed.

Some requirements may also vary depending on your situation so please contact us for further help.

Application process:

The foreign person who is interested in applying for cuenta propia is the person who needs to apply in person.

The person must go to the spanish consulate closer to where they live to apply.

What are the tasas?

There are two types of tasa, you will know which one you have to pay depending on your case. (You will have 10 days to pay the tasa)

  • Modelo 790 código 052 epígrafe 2.1 autorización inicial de residencia temporal
  • Modelo 790 Código 062, epígrafe 1.5 “autorizaciones de trabajo por cuenta propia

How long do I have to wait to receive a resolution?

Usually, you should get a resolution within 3 months. So, if 3 months go by and you still do not have any news, then that means that it was denied.

What benefits will I have for obtaining this residency?

The duration of this work permit is one year and it can be renewed if the continuity of the economic activity is proven and the fiscal and Social Security obligations have been met.

This one year residency will count towards the residency time you need in order to apply for the spanish nationality.

Are you interested in obtaining this residency and work permit?

Do not hesitate and contact us.

We have a lot of clients who have gone through this process with us and we have many favorable outcomes.

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