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Highly Skilled Professionals Work Permit in Spain

Application, procedures and requirements

Spain is committed to the incorporation of highly skilled professionals into the labor market. Therefore, students who have a highly skilled profile because they completed a master's degree in a prestigious school in Spain, but have not yet been in Spain for three years, can apply for a work permit as a highly skilled professional.

One can apply for this work permit if they meet one or more of the following requirements (we can help you determine if you might qualify):

  1. Proof that they have a master's or postgraduate degree from a prestigious education centre.
  2. Proof that they have an approved degree (if the position to be filled is in a regulated profession and they have obtained their degree in a non-EU country).
  3. The position must be suitable for a highly skilled profile.
  4. A contract signed by the employer and the worker that guarantees a salary appropriate for their profile and the job to be filled must be submitted.