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Spanish student visa for work in Spain

Residency and work permit for recent graduates

The residency and work permit for recent graduates, or those who are about to graduate, is a very good residency option for those who did not study and graduated in Spain.

As mentioned above, this residency and work permit is available to those who graduated in Spain or in their country of origin. This mean, it does NOT matter if you studied and graduated somewhere else, if you graduated in the last two years, then you can apply for this residency to do an internship as long as you meet the following requirements:

*IMPORTANT: This type of residency is usually referred to as ¨Residency to do an internship.¨ However, please keep in mind you can still get a full-time job, earn as much money as your job offers, etc. (It is not limited like an actual internship).

Requirements to get the residency and work permit for recent graduates

  1. Have obtained a degree (equivalent to or higher than undergraduate, master or doctorate level) in the last 2 years.
  2. Have a signed agreement with a univeristy or an internship contract
  3. The internship must be related to your field of studies
  4. Must have medical coverage
  5. Must have enough money to support yourself (Economic resources)
  6. Not have criminal records or any other legal issues in the places where you have lived in the past 5 years.

The requirements may vary depending on each person´s specific case and this is why we recommend you contact one of our lawyers to assist you. 

Things to remember:

Once you apply for this residency, you should obtain an answer (resolution) within 30 days of your application, if you don´t receive an answer after 30 days, you can assume your application was approved.

How long does this residency last?

This residency is valid for 6 months or the same amount of time as the internship (in the case it is for less than 6 months). You can apply for a 6 month extension and, if approved, your residency could be valid for up to a year.