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Spanish residency for investors. Golden Visa

Golden Visa, property, public debt, equities…

This residency permit (often referred to as the Golden Visa) is for foreigners who are interested in entering Spain in order to make a significant capital investment. In this case, these individuals can apply for a residency visa or, if applicable, residency for investors.

The new Entrepreneurs Law enables foreigners who make an investment in Spain to obtain residency for themselves and their families - spouses and minor children - without being required to remain in Spain for a certain period of time in order to be able to to renew the residency. The maintenance of the investment is the only requirement for renewal.
The investment options include:

  • Residency permit through the acquisition of 2 million euros of public debt.
  • Residency permit through the acquisition of one million euros in company stocks and shares or bank deposits in financial institutions.
  • Residency permit through the purchase of property worth € 500,000 free of any encumbrances.
  • Residency permit through a business project.

In order to grant this type of residency visa, the investment must be made and certified within 60 days prior to the presentation of the application.

Those who obtain this residency visa will be able to reside for at least one year and it can be renewed for two more years when the investment is maintained and if a trip to Spain has been made during the period of residence. To apply for authorization, the individual must be the holder of an investor visa.
The documents to be presented include those to certify the investment, shares or property purchase as well as more personal documents such as an identity document or passport, medical insurance, criminal record certificate, and proving sufficient economic means for themself and their whole family during their residency in Spain.
If you have any questions about these procedures, don’t hesitate to contact our lawyers in Madrid who will meet all your needs.