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Spanish citizenship and Spanish nationality

Residency, option, presumption, Sephardic Jews

There are different ways to acquire the spanish nationality: through residency, thorugh option, presumption ori f you are of sephardic origin. Even though many people have succeeded in getting their spanish nationality, it honestly might be a little more complicated than it seems, that is why we always recommend that you get advice from a lawyer to help you in this important process.

What is the Spanish nationality?

A person´s nationality in more specific terms, refers to the bond someone has with a country. A nationality is considered a right and this is the reason why everyone has—at least—one nationality. When someone has a nationality from a certain country, this nationality gives the person different rights but also obligations as a citizen.

It is important to remember that you do not necesarily need to have been born in a country in order to obtain the nationality. There are many options in other countries as well. For example: In Spain, someone who has lived legally for 10 continuos years could apply to obtain the spanish nationality.

There are different options depending on your case. You might need:

  • 5 years of residency: Refugees.
  • 2 years of residency: If you are from Portugal, Guinea Ecuatorial, Andorra, Phillippiness or any iberoamerican country, as well as sephardic origin.
  • 1 year of residency: Certain special occasions (please check with us to see if this could apply to your case).

Who can acquire or apply to obtain the spanish nationality?

Anyone could obtain or apply to obtain the spanish nationality. You just need to take a closer look at the requirements to see which way would be the one you coud apply through.