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Spanish citizenship for minors

Born and not born in Spain

Spanish nationality/citizenship for children born in Spain

Many parents believe that if their child is born in Spain, he or she will automatically be Spanish. This is not the case, the son born in Spain, nor does he automatically access the nationality, nor will he access the residence if his parents do not request it, therefore it is important that you do all the procedures for it.

Requirements to obtain Spanish nationality for a child born in Spain:

  • That one of the parents has legal residence in Spain.
  • That the father who has legal residence request the residence of his newborn child.

In addition, these children may apply for citizenship at the age of one, but as long as you have requested their residence at birth.

Spanish nationality for children NOT born in Spain

This authorization may be given to those foreign minors not born in Spain whose parents have legal residence in Spain.

Requirements to obtain the nationality of children NOT born in Spain:

  • Not be a community citizen or family member of an EU citizen.
  • Prove a continued stay for at least two years.
  • Parents or guardians must prove sufficient employment or financial resources.