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Reunification of families of Spanish legal residents

Application, procedures and requirements

Family reunification is the process by which a foreigner who has resided legally in Spain for one year may request a residency and work permit for their family members who are in their country of origin.

Not all the relatives can be reunified. You can only reunify with:
  • Your spouse (husband or wife)
  • Your domestic partner
  • Your children or those of your spouse as long as they are under 18 years of age.
  • Your parents or those of your spouse as long as they are over 65. For this particular case, you must be in Spain 5 to be able to reunify them.

For this procedure, you must show that you have adequate housing where they will live with you and that your salary is sufficient to support them.

Remember also that relatives must be outside of Spain for this route, otherwise this will not be the procedure to follow to legalize your family. In that case, we will tell you what other options you may have.

How are the procedures carried out?

This procedure must be done in the Immigration Office (la Oficina de Extranjería) of the province where the foreigner resides.

The request must be submitted personally. However, we want to emphasize that although the documentation is delivered personally it is always advisable to have the advice of a lawyer to help you during the process.

The deadline to resolve the request is preferential which means it is resolved in a shorter period of time: 45 days. In case you are denied the reunification of your family, you can file an appeal against that resolution.

Keep in mind that you must meet a series of requirements, such as having the correct documentation and having no criminal record, among others.

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